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Calafia Café in Palo Alto is one of the smartest eateries in the world. With Google’s former executive chef Charlie Ayers at the helm, the food here isn’t just for sustenance. This is California — eating is also a path to self-improvement. Each dish is carefully crafted with ingredients that not only keep you slim, but make you smarter and more energized too. A half-dozen venture capitalists pick at their dandelion salads. A sleepy suburb at night, by day Palo Alto becomes the beating heart of Silicon Valley, the monied epicenter of the greatest gathering of scientific and engineering talent in the history of human civilization. To the west, across the street, lies Stanford University. The Googleplex sprawls a few miles to the east. In the surrounding region, some half-million engineers live and work. A tech tycoon or two wouldn’t be out of place here. Steve Jobs was a regular.

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