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Corporate guidance–not always a good thing
We have to change our behavior in the drive to approach the smart city. The time we assume in the resolving power of the economical driven society is no longer tenable. Corporate companies are more and more stuck in their own economically driven paradigm and behaviour. So do corporate companies who act in the “Smart City” movement–which isn’t a sector by itself by the way. The companies act and believe in their business driven approach. An approach that, with all good intentions, is more based on shareholders goals than the need of the urban actors. Conversely, the companies bring a large amount of professionalism and knowledge with them that can certainly be used in the process towards a smarter city. A focus point that can extract harmful on longer term is that the local governments, as a major urban stakeholder, are mostly guided by the corporate companies in their search to the smarter city. The governments must act more independent and critical, and use the knowlegde that corporate companies bring along as just one of the urban stakeholders.

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