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The EU’s ruling body wants greater transparency around data-driven, tech-enabled city building.

In a new press release, the European Union’s governing body asks those working on data-driven, technology-enabled city building to do more to publish on the progress of that work. It’s part of an effort to bake openness about planning into the Commission’s work on “smart cities” from the start:

The challenge is being issued to city administrations, small and large companies and other organisations to go public with their ICT [information and communications technology], energy and mobility plans, so that all parties can learn from each other and grow the smart city market. Through collaboration as well as traditional competition, the Europe will get smarter, more competitive and more sustainable.

The European Commission certainly isn’t skeptical of the “smart city” concept. Under its auspices is the relatively new European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities. That effort is just getting off the ground, and this notice comes as part of the process for soliciting proposals for participation in that partnership. Indeed, European Commission vice president Neelie Kroes also says of “smart cities” in the press release, “Nothing else makes sense. And nothing else is such a worldwide economic opportunity.”

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