Blocknet combines the features of several coins into one super network

You know who Mega Man is, don’t you? The Blue Bomber has been gracing gaming consoles for decades. If you don’t know, Mega Man’s “hook” or claim to fame, other than its hardcore and tight sidescrolling action, was that after each of the game’s eight bosses, Mega Man would absorb a special power from the boss that he could then use for the rest of the game.

BlockNet is a bit like that, but with cryptocurrencies. Every time a coin joins BlockNet, every other coin in the network can use its features. Ideally, this means that the isolated laboratories that altcoins currently serve as, can now become a unified testing ground.

Started by XCurrency’s Dan Metclaf but run by all participating currencies, the network currently has nine alternate digital currencies under its umbrella with the ability to add more at any time. Like Mega Man, once a currency is added, the entire network (and every currency in it) will be able to take advantage of the new currency’s features.