You probably never thought you could attend a virtual lecture, discussion, exam, or lab in 3D.  In fact, this is already possible.  Virtual worlds have clear advantages over traditional classroom settings.

I once had to teach high school students the importance of safety precautions for a welding class.  I presented several powerpoint presentations, a safety exam, and then allowed those who passed the exam to begin welding.  I trembled.  Despite knowing I had prepared them well, I would have much preferred for students to interact in a virtual world first.  As a teacher, I can see the many advantages virtual worlds provide.

I delved a bit further into the uses of virtual worlds and even created an avatar of my own (PiJustice) to see the current applications of virtual worlds in education.


Onderwijs in virtuele werelden biedt een keur aan mogelijkheden, in dit interessante artikel worden er twintig opgesomd. Stichting Digitaal Almere probeert die voorwaarden momenteel te creëren.