Tactical urbanism is about using low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment to make places better. Mike Lydon, co-author of Tactical Urbanism: Short Term Action for Long Term Change, will join us for a book talk on April 21. In advance of the event, we’re reprinting a few adapted excerpts from the book. This one explains how the woonerf is a historic inspiration for modern tactical urbanism.

It would be nice to believe that we’ve discovered some entirely new form of urbanism, but the truth is that the impulse to create temporary or low-cost responses to the challenges of urban life is not new.

Here, we have reframed a set of core placemaking values (temporary, low-cost, flexible, iterative, participatory) found throughout history and updated them for the digital age.

Source: greatergreaterwashington.org

Americanen ontdekken het woonerf(…) Humor ook in de comments van dit artikel. 

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