Vertical Farming at the 2015 World’s Fair
The world is discovering vertical agriculture in it’s many forms, from the sci-fi-esque skyscraper farms to the Upstart Farmers.
The potential of vertical ag is expanding rapidly in various degrees of rationality.  Some of this potential is being grasped and is making waves.
Don’t believe us?
Just ask any Upstart Farmer, any educator using ZipGrow in their classroom, any CSA member consuming the result of vertical farming.
They’ll tell you something: vertical farming is making a change. This change manifests as new relationships, trust between people, the promotion of honesty, better education, and hope for future generations.
Call us idealists, but we believe that these changes will grow bigger and more beautiful with time. The growing number of successful vertical farmers and the change we’ve seen them make, as well as the adoption of ZipGrow technology, supports our hope and spurs us onward.
It took us a long while to get here, but the inventions of Bright Agrotech and the innovation of Upstart Farmers have begun to gain speed.


Als ik aan de Floriade 2022 denk,… Dan denk ik dat Almere toch zeker dit moet overtreffen. Of zeg ik nu iets geks? 

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