If you listen to tech companies’ marketing reps, the future is made of internet connected devices that seamlessly talk to each other, as well as your smartphone, and turn your good-old house into a truly sci-fi-esque smart home where you don’t even need to think about turning up the heat or turning off the lights. Behold the shiny and intelligent future of the Internet of Things.

What they don’t tell you is that as we put software into old-fashioned home appliances, there will be bugs that’ll make those appliances useless. The WiFi goes down? Put on a sweater because your smart thermostat might stop working. A lightbulb malfunctions? Your whole smart home stops working.

And with bugs, there will be hackers ready to exploit them, either to creep out babies through hackable baby monitors, or to steal Gmail credentials through smart fridges. But that hasn’t stopped companies and questionable visionaries from imagining internet connected air freshenerstoilet paper holders, and even jump ropes.

As more things from the Internet of Things start trickling into people’s homes, one Twitter account called “Internet of Shit” has been trying to shine a light into this bizarre and scary future with a steady stream of funny and smart (as in clever, not internet-connected) jokes.

And that

Internet of Shit August 18, 2015

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